A Melbourne based legal team, committed to delivering constructive legal outcomes.

Constructive Legal Solutions (CLS) is committed to delivering excellence for the construction electrotechnology and trades industry that is cost effective and with a determined focus on win- win outcomes. We view our clients’ issues holistically, with expert guidance and specialised pragmatic solutions. Our clients include businesses of all sizes including large contracting businesses, as well as small – medium enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups, in the electrotechnology/construction space and includes contractors working in maintenance services and residential projects.


– 2020, Opening

Constructive Legal Solutions is situated in Melbourne, and is backed by NECA [Victoria]. NECA is an organisation which began in Melbourne in 1916, having strong roots dealing with wages, conditions and industrial action.

Over the years, the employment and commercial landscape has evolved and with that, comes the challenge of legal complexity. To meet this challenge, specifically for electrotechnology, construction and trades, Constructive Legal Solutions was launched.



    Constructive Legal Solutions (CLS) is pleased to announce that on the 4th of August…

    Being paid on time is an essential part of running your business as…

    You have built a good reputation for your business and have strong relationships…

    If you run a business, chances are you have experienced a difficult customer…

    The Industrial Relations Legislation Amendment Act 2021 was passed by the Victoria government to amend…

If you hire casual employees, you must be across the recent changes as at 27 March 2021 to ensure you are complying with legislation.

Understand what your duties are as an Employer when it comes to sexual harassment in the workplace and how you can help prevent it.

JobKeeper has been useful to your business, helping to tide your company over through the lull caused by the pandemic. It has allowed you to retain your employees and operate without any drastic changes to your operations and your staff. But what will you do now that the Scheme is coming to an end on the 28th of March 2021?


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